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The key-macro design allows developers to pass values to a formula in an Excel sheet. Unlike normal macros that can be executed in any order, key-macros are executed at the time the page is opened, allowing them to operate on the file even before the user starts using it. The syntax of a key-macro is very simple, consisting of a name and a single colon (:) followed by an argument. The only exception to this rule is the variable argument, which takes the form of a string that can be separated from the rest of the string by the equals sign (=). A complete key-macro can contain as many arguments as you require. The macro name can be any valid VBA or VB.NET identifier, and it is recommended that you avoid special characters such as $ and #. Excel’s formulae are very forgiving when it comes to detecting how a key-macro has been constructed, and it is therefore important that you give as much thought to the naming and structure of your key-macros as you would to a macro containing a formula. In fact, key-macros are often the most useful way to implement complex formulae. When working with Excel, this is especially the case when dealing with multiple formulae on the same worksheet, where Excel will no longer process a formula if it encounters a key-macro that contains the same argument. An example is shown below:
Sub DemonstrateKeyMacro()
‘ Create a list of values to be assigned to cells
Dim ListValues As String
ListValues = “1,2,3,4”
‘ Build a key-macro, passing the list of values to be assigned to cells
Dim KeyMacro As String
KeyMacro = “MyKeyMacro”
KeyMacro = KeyMacro & “:” & ListValues
‘ Assign the values to the cells
Range(“A1”).FormulaLocal = KeyMacro
End Sub
While this example shows a very simple key-macro, there are many other ways that you can use it. For example, you could automate updating a worksheet by inserting a key-macro that does a screen refresh every time the worksheet is opened.
One of the limitations of key-macros is that they cannot be used to pass values to a macro that is contained within a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) module.
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Rinzo is a new project to be able to edit/create XML documents in a more professional way.
It is especially designed for XML documents that will contain a lot of tags/attributes/namespaces.
The goal of this project is to allow the user to easily edit/create/import/export XML documents while having a graphical, structured and object oriented environment.
Rinzo is based on a new user interface (GUI) concept with zoomable windows, a grid view and a pseudo-tree view (see a video here).
A new object inspector will allow you to inspect/edit each node/tag/attribute/value of an XML node, as a tree view or a property/information view.
Rinzo will also provide a set of utilities to import/export XML documents to/from other formats.
Rinzo is under heavy development and it is based on open technologies to avoid any future compatibility issue.

Welcome to SARA: The Multi-Level Graphical Editor
SARA (Structure, Annotation, and Relationship) is an
interactive graph visualization system for structure
SARA is implemented as a visualization environment
that is easy to use and powerful.
In SARA, the graph is the central object of
representation and of interaction.
Key features of SARA are:
* Develop any kind of multi-level graphs and
annotate them at any level.
* Export to any type of format.
* Create and edit the graph using a 3-D editing
* Move and rotate the graph.
* Identify and annotate each node.
* Project graph edges and nodes onto a 3-D surface.
* Apply a variety of filters, constraints, and
brushes to the graph.
SARA provides an active user interface for all of
its features.
Visit SARA:

Derpy’s Brunch makes it easy to create beautiful Spring themes for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. Just press the button below to take a look at all of the available themes.

Derpy’s Brunch makes it easy to create beautiful Spring themes for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. Just press the button below to take a look at all of the available themes.



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